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CFS always promote new talent to the industry with various activites. Unleash your creative potential--with the magic of acting..attend "Actor of Maharashtra" a Acting competition that wins you to experience & express the creative talents hidden within you..!

Actor Of maharashtra

A new era in Acting --you may be a beginner or an expert..if you have the passion for Acting .. ACTOR OF MAHARASHTRA will open the doors to a world of new opportunities for you.

a world of new opportunities--now every passionate & trained dancer gets the opportunity to shine..to teach & to perform...enhance your fame & income...become an famous acting performer.

Send application on : starperformer34@gmail.com , More details visit our website: www.megacompetitions.com

Actor of Maharashtra
A acting competition organized in each and every district of Maharashtra titled with its own district name for example “Actor of Pune”, “Actor of Nagpur”, “Actor of Aurangabad”, “Actor of Nasik” etc… All district’s final event Judges will be the renowned in the Acting / Stage

The competition proceeds in following steps

1. There are three age groups a) Upto 10 yrs, b) Upto 18 yrs c) 18 yrs and above
2. Each & every contestant should initially send recorded Acting performace.
3. Eligible contestants will be informed that they are selected for the second round and should send their acting performace
4. The judges will short list and select the eligible contestants for the auditions
5. In the audition process the judges will provide you song script, rhythm, sound systems etc… and will judge accordingly
6. In the semifinals or final of each district you will get the opportunity to perform in front of many invitees who represent or are the head persons of their production houses or are the producers, directors of film making & singing audio & video albums
7. Winner participants of each district will titled and crowned as “Actor of Pune, Actor of Nasik, Actor of Kolhapur, Actor of Nagpur etc…”and will be selected to perform in semifinals of Actor of Maharashtra
8. Winners will get prices of Rs 1 Crore
9. All district’s final event is live and on open stage with media coverage,, also on district wise local cable network
10. CFS helps to make audio & video albums for the eligible contestants CFS creates the platform and helps to promote their acting performance


1. Winner participants of each districts which are titled and crowned as “Actor of Pune, Actor of Nasik, Actor of Kolhapur, Actor of Nagpur etc…” gets a direct entry for the semifinals of Actor of Maharashtra.
2. The event process and performances will be telecasted live on television channels, also on district wise local cable network
3. The jury committee consists top most film directors, music directors, dancers, choreographer, filmmakers of hindi&marathi production houses and many well-known personalities from film industry.
4. All participants of Actor of Maharashtra individual will get the opportunity to make their own carrier.
5. Actor of Maharashtra, The grand finale will be organized in Mumbai in which all VIP’s of film industry and all media will be invited
Send application on : starperformer34@gmail.com