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CFS Certificate

CFS affiliated individuals will find it easy to make their career into the film industry as it gives them various internship opportunities at their own production house and at associate members organisations, it also provides them with a platform by organizing various competitions at regional, national and international level which will eventually helps them to showcase their talent. The certification will also help them to get scholarships while applying for higher studies.

 CFS as institute of film education centre helps affiliates to stand strong into film industry and make a bright future. It offers best service to their students by providing hand on training sessions led by film dignitaries.

 CFS also invites various film institute’s to take CFS affiliation by offering them CFS film syllabus, facilities and services to their educational institute at the time of association.

 To accelerate the next generation CFS educational institute has an innovative group to help support and coordinate in order to create greater value of talent for the blooming industry.

 CFS will provide affiliation to all film based program colleges, institutes and classes.

 CFS affiliates all kinds of film industry related institutes, schools, vocational courses (full/part-time) etc…

 CFS sets the syllabus and standardizes all the courses related to film industry.

 CFS certifies every individual or institute and they have the opportunity to grow their business into the film industry.