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We believes in various element in film productions.

India has a vibrant growing film industry and that is growing in reputation and getting competitive internationally. Therefore, CFS plans to grow the economy and create job in various sectors of film industry. As a member of world trade center CFS is working hard worldwide for the development of film industry to optimise the vision of highest value provider with array of services and technical expertise which will altogether promote film industry.It works by its network in many different countries, and these are now organized into federations, councils, collectives, and local networks.

CFS an international body of film industry is having its own production houses, film distribution network, own film cities projects proposed across different states with government. Film city project work in Mumbai-“Matheran star valley” and in Pune- Saffron film city” has been started. Seeing the rising trend of career opportunities in film industry CFS –film education institute will provide various courses as CFS affiliation and certification will help them in rising their horizons into film career.

The Indian film industry is the largest in the world in terms of number of movies produced. The industry is quite old with the first commercially successful film produced in the year 1913. The Indian film industry produces more than 1,000 films every year in 52 languages and over 3.7 billion tickets are sold annually. There are over 400 production houses in the country with 32 corporate houses in the business of film production. The film industry provides employment to over 60 lakh people and its current turnover is crossed Rs.12, 000 crore’s for the year 2010 as per the reports. The turning point for the industry came in the year 2001, when the government removed restriction in investment policy. The sector was earlier dependent on private film financiers who used to charge exorbitant rates of interest and there were also concerns regarding money laundering with many of the anti social elements getting involved in film financing. The granting of the industry status facilitated securing of finances from financial institutions at affordable rates and brought in the much needed transparency in the industry. An interesting trend in the Indian film industry is the growing success of Indian movies abroad. In contrast to the scenario at the start of the century when majority of the movies that were released in India being foreign movies, now Indian movies are finding ready acceptance in foreign countries. With the growing interest in Indian culture, spirituality, family system, etc., movies showcasing Indian festivals, rituals and customs are increasingly finding acceptance in the global markets. Tointegrate Indian film industry with international counterparts on a single platform CFS is empowering the film community with effective communication, exchange of ideas and innovations, skills and talents, along with it providing advance technology, well equipped studios. CFS strong advisory panel board of film dignitaries endeavours their valuable suggestion, and innovations while implementing the project for the betterment of film industry. Though Indian film is making successful market into overseas still the industry lacks advance technology and other important elements due to which major Indian films are filmed in America, Europe, south Asia, etc. Therefore CFS huge film city projects and high end advance studios with greater infrastructurewill help to film Indian films into Indian environment rather than going to other countries in search of better quality.

CFS feels even in today’s era of modernization film industry is seen only with a perspective of passion driven industry rather than a businessdue to which the industry lacks investors interest producing a film at low budget price which often goes horrible or even if the film does well at the box-office profits are of a distant dream. CFS by associating with different production houses will invite business representatives, groups, individuals to help in the development of film industry so that the passion driven industry will turn into a business driven industry so as to generate vast employment opportunities.

Let’s explore with new horizons with variable Indian languages to make & define new statements with a new era of name, fame, glam & success. Let’s join hands with CFS with an effort to make Indian film industry superior, persistent & solid.

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Our vision:

Our vision to be the highest value provider with our service and technical expertise for the development of film industry.

  • Film Production

    CFS will undertake film production also, In consideration of subject and situation with no bar or grievances

  • Film Cities

    CFS has come with huge and big film citites with immense and unbelievable facilities. Location near pune and matheran

  • Committies

    Not a single segment of film making should be left or ignore, different committees will be tow with gist of knowledge of an expert world wide.