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Film Committies

 CFS is building a strong bridge of communication through inclusive engagement of film dignitaries on the advisory panel board. CFS invited various film dignitaries-actors, actress, singer, technician , director , producer , lyrists, story teller , script writer etc., to join the advisory board so as to endeavour¬† and integrate Indian film industry with globe and to empower the film community with skills, talents and rich-resources for the development of film society.

 CFS recognizes the importance of innovation and advance technology for development of film industry. A key element of CFS is to develop and embrace emerging technologies and processes. As part of our effort to achieve this vision, CFS fosters a culture where council members along with the film dignitaries share their ideas under one umbrella to develop as well as evaluate and implement improvements for the betterment of film society. CFS has a platform, which connects people working in film industry globally to ask questions; to engage international delegates with the subject matter, to share valuable suggestions and solutions with advance concepts for project collaboration and the application of advanced technologies for better project results in areas of promotion, distribution, production and in other mediums of film industry.

 CFS a better company through advance in technology, sustainability, learning practices, building research and development training institute, community engagement, learning and development through CFS affiliation, and field operations will together lead in promotion of film industry.