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Film Education Institute

 CFS is aligned within four key divisions – (1) Huge international standard film cities across the different states with government, (proposed film cities in Mumbai, Pune equipped with advance technology has already been started.
(2) Development of film industry.
(3) To associate with various production houses, distribution network, promotion center’s, advertising agencies, media groups etc.
(4) CFS being a film education institute will provide various platform to their affiliates, and also invite various film related institutes to get CFS affiliation so they could enjoy various services and facilities of CFS during tie-up.

 CFS envisioned the importance of film education with a career in the film industry. CFS being a film education institute will provide variety of courses which will groom them while stepping towards the film industry. It will also provide windows of opportunities to their affiliates by making them part of various activities and programmes under CFS banners.

 On facilities front CFS is having world class amenities, air-conditioned classrooms and will have frequent visits of celebrity guest speakers to share their knowledge and experience with CFS students.