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TV Serials

 There are over 400 production houses in the country with more than 600 television channels, 100 million pay-TV households, and 1,000 films produced annually, India’s vibrant entertainment industry provides attractive growth opportunities for global corporations. Enticed by economic liberalization and high volumes of consumption, many of the world’s media giants have been present in the Indian market today.

 India’s favourable regulatory environment and recent reforms are creating investment opportunities in a number of entertainment sectors. Entry restrictions for foreign companies have been relaxed and Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) caps have been recently increased in key sectors, including Direct-To-Home (DTH). Mandatory digitization of the country’s TV distribution infrastructure has spurred the growth of digital cable and DTH, and created the need for these companies to fund their expansion. As there are no more hurdles the opportunity into production and other mediums of film industry has been expanded creating vast employment opportunities into the film industry.

 CFS therefore provides different mediums the required resources to succeed personally and professionally. The work we do here has an impact worldwide, and you can be part of it being an apex body of film industry CFS supports and promotes production houses and act as a catalyst. CFS supports the production houses at all essential stages like helping them financially, in promotions, distribution and also in technical.